Host a Party

Do you want to be everyone's favorite from your girls, to your neighbors to your coworkers? Then hosting the Haul of Fashion is just for you!

Yes! You can book the Haul of Fashion to come right to you! The options are endless as we can come to your home, office, events or block parties. Fill out the form below and we'll pull up and set up shop.

K'PreSha's Haul of Fashion stocks the latest clothing and accessories for men and women, and specializing in locally owned produced products. Sizes for clothes vary depending upon the brand, however we can customize the truck to fit your needs.If you hate purchasing clothes without trying them on first, you are in luck as we even have a dressing room on board for you to try items on in. If you let us know in advance sizes and any requests that party attendees may have, we can work to cater to the needs. If you would like to the truck filled with women clothing only, that's fine as we can take the men's apparel off to cater to your party. The best part is, all items are available to purchase and take home from the party, so no placing orders! We accept all major credit cards and cash.

Get your shopping buddies together!

We require a minimum of 5 to 7 women at a party who are ready to shop! Depending on where you choose to hold it, we can do more, but the truck holds about 8-10 people comfortably inside at any given time. When there are more, then rotating shifts of people in/out works best.

Pick a date!

K'PreSha's Haul of Fashion is open to working with your shedule. We are a new fashion truck in the Memphis Metro area, but according to research the most popular home party times have been Wednesday- Saturday 7-9 PM or 7:30-9:30 PM. Lunchtime office hours are usually 12-2pm. Please contact us via the form on this page and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule needs!

Get perks!

First off, we promise you will be crowned the coolest person ever! As a host(ess), you will receive a discount on your Fashion Truck purchase that night based on the total sales generated at your party- anywhere between 10-30% off. Also, the more times you host, the bigger your discounts get! 

Sip and shop!

At this time K'PreSha's Haul of Fashion is not serving food or drinks, however we can suggest caterers if needed. This aspect of a private party is the sole responsibility of the host. We would suggest wallet friendly potlucks as a great option.




Earn Fashion Bucks and discounts toward your purchase when you host a private shopping party with your friends or co-workers!